Litterature et Numerique

From Algolit

Maison du Livre, Brussels, September 2020

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Algolit took part in the exhibition ’Littérature et Numérique’ in Maison du Livre in Brussels with 3 different installations: L’algolitérateur, La Voix au chapitre and Greffer des arbres.

Digitization and algorithms are opening up new ways of writing. Will the architecture of the narrative free itself from linearity? Are stories going to write themselves? Will the viewer-reader be able to intervene in the course of the story? Interactivity, non-linearity, automated writing? Revolutions ? Fantasies ? Dead ends? Chestnut trees ? Danger ?

The pooling of different approaches to these questions, where plastic arts, technological developments and literary expressions are combined, should allow the visitors to reinterpret the notions of text, book, page, speech, narrative... And, of course, to question their own place, their role as perceivers/readers.

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